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Think Timber

All panels are supplied with square edges and are pre-sanded to 180 grit level. While Think Timber™ benchtops are supplied with a protective coating; they are not finished and will require sealing with either polyurethane or oil prior to installation.

One of the many benefits of finishing timber with oil is that at any stage you are able to sand the timber back and refinish it yourself in the home. Once oiled, Think Timber™ bench tops create a beautiful water repellent surface that will mellow with age.

When purchasing Think Timber™, you can also purchase foodgrade hard burnishing oil and rejuvenating/ buffing oil.

The Hard Burnishing oil is made from genuine Tung nut oil. When following traditional burnishing techniques, the Hard Burnishing oil will provide excellent sealing with a quality patina (shine).

The Rejuvenating/ Buffing oil will provide a nurturing, satin finish and is derived from refined plant oils and waxes.