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  • Ash
  • European Oak
  • Sapele
  • European Walnut
  • European Cherry
  • Alder
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A European species, reddish/light brown in colour, resistant and easy to process. Alder is an affordable hardwood.


Found in the temperate regions of Europe, the Ash tree provides a variety of uses from walking sticks and baseball bats when young to cabinets and furniture at maturity. Ash has a medium to coarse grain, and is yellow in colour.

European Oak

Widely found throughout Europe. Commonly used in ships, cathedrals, wine barrels and work surfaces. Oak is medium yellow/brown with a fair amount of variation in grain and colour which adds to its charm.


Part of the mahogany family, found in Africa. Sapele sought after for its beautiful interlocking ribbon-like grain and durability. Sapele can be seen in musical instruments, boats, furniture and panelling. Sapele is medium to dark red, darkening with age and a fine texture.

European Walnut

Is the most beautiful furniture timber found in Europe. As the tree ages, the grain becomes compact, and beautifully veined. European Walnut is typically yellow/ brown with black streaks.

European Cherry

The Cherry tree is quick growing and often used to “nurse” other species. Reddish in colour, Cherry has a fine straight texture which makes it a very elegant choice with great aesthetic appeal.

All species shown are a representation only. Colour may vary from actual product received. Please view a sample before making final colour selection.