Think Solid™

Think Solid Surface offers a distinct design and differ significantly from stone benchtops. Firstly, they are not as hard as stone benchtops, which reduces the risk of edge chipping and ensures complete repairability and renewability within your home, even in the event of scratches or accidental damage. Another notable contrast is the seamless joins* of Think Solid Surface, which are undetectable to the touch, providing a smooth and continuous surface. Also, these benchtops are highly resistant to permanent stains and are crafted from natural minerals with absolutely ZERO Silica content. They are an excellent choice for kitchen, bathroom, or laundry benchtop applications and every Think Solid Surface benchtop comes with a 7-year product warranty for your peace of mind.

Product Features

Renewable & repairable

Seamless joins

Stain resistant

Crystalline Silica Free