Think Solid™

Think Solid Benchtops are unique when compared to other surfaces. It is made from an advanced blend of 2/3ds natural minerals (bauxite), pigments and 1/3rd polymer binder.  They have joins that are seamless* (you can’t feel them), they will never permanently stain, nor will you ever permanently damage or scratch our benchtops, as they are completely renewable and repairable. They are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry benchtop.

One of the key features of Think Solid benchtops is that they are zero silica. This means that the benchtops do not contain any crystalline silica, a mineral commonly found in natural stone and engineered quartz surfaces that can pose health risks when inhaled as dust during fabrication or installation.

Think Solid Benchtops are backed by a 7 Year product warranty.

Product Features

Renewable & repairable

Seamless joins

Stain resistant

Crystalline Silica Free