Think Timber™ Pricing

Modular Think Timber Benchtop

Modular Think Timber benchtops are available in set sizes. They are supplied ready for a DIY finish & installation. Benchtops are supplied with a temporary coating. The benchtop will need to be fully sanded to remove the temporary coating before sealing with your choice of coating (such as Cabots Benchtop Clear, available separately from your local Bunnings Store). A free cut to size service is available for Modular tops.

Step 1 – Choose your Think Timber Species & Size

Size – 2405x600x32mm*
SpeciesPrice*Item No.
European Oak$707 2660881
Ash$707 2662210
Sapele$707 2660845
European Cherry$1,0702662217
European Walnut$1,0702662223
Size – 2400x900x32mm*
SpeciesPrice*Item No.
European Oak$1,1972660844
European Cherry$1,6022662220
European Walnut$1,6022662227
Size – 3000x600x32mm*
SpeciesPrice*Item No.
European Oak$8852660837
European Cherry$1,3372662218
European Walnut$1,3372662225
Size – 3600x600x32mm*
SpeciesPrice*Item No.
European Oak$1,0602669687
European Cherry$1,606 2669686
European Walnut$1,606 2669688
Size – 3600x900x32mm*
SpeciesPrice*Item No.
European Oak$1,795 2669693
Ash$1,795 2669691
Sapele$1,795 2669695
European Cherry$2,3912669692
European Walnut$2,3912669694

Step 2 – Cut to size service

ProductPrice*Item No.
Cut to size service - Up to 3 straight cuts per order. Cut edges retain their square profile. Additional cuts available for an additional fee. Not available for sink or cooktop cutouts. Please note there will be 4mm waste per cut, which will reduce the size of remaining offcut/s.Free9840413
Custom Made Think Timber Benchtops

Custom made, exactly to your measurements & priced per square metre, with minimum order size of 1.5m2 and a maximum benchtop size of 3600×900. Larger benchtops are available on request and will incur additional charges. Custom made benchtops will be supplied with factory prepared butt joins and are supplied using Cabot’s Benchtop Clear – satin finish. An installation kit^ will be supplied with your order. If required, additional Cabot’s Benchtop Clear can be purchased from all Bunnings stores.

Step 1 – Choose your Think Timber Species

Size – 32mm*
SpeciesPrice per m2*Item No.
Beech [A]$6620215154
European Oak [B]$8032666190
Ash [B]$8032666189
Sapele [B]$8032666191
European Cherry [C]$1,0282666193
European Walnut [C]$1,0282666192

Step 2 – Choose your Think Timber Options

ProductPrice*Item No.
Underside Coating & Finishing up to 300mm$100 per l/metre9840404
Overhang Support $188 ea0111480
32mm 600mm wide waterfall end (A) w/knuckle pencil round edges$446 ea2669698
32mm 900mm wide waterfall end (A) w/knuckle pencil round edges$637 ea2669699
32mm 600mm wide waterfall end (B) w/knuckle pencil round edges$493 ea2669702
32mm 900mm wide waterfall end (B) w/knuckle pencil round edges$704 ea2669703
32mm 600mm wide waterfall end (C) w/knuckle pencil round edges$604 ea2669706
32mm 900mm wide waterfall end (C) w/knuckle pencil round edges$869 ea2669707
^DIY Installation Kit Will be customised to your order. These may include toggle bolts and Lamelo biscuits.INCLUDED

* Please note, Think Timber benchtops finished thickness may vary between +/- 1mm in thickness. All species shown are a representation only. Colour may vary from actual product received. Please view a sample before making final colour selection.

* The prices shown are relevant to Bunnings stores located in the following metropolitan areas: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Additional charges will be incurred for regional and remote locations, larger or more complex designed benchtops or installations with restricted access. For a comprehensive quote, a copy of the benchtop plan should be sent to Think Benchtops.

* All prices include GST